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What's Plastic?>Plastic seen in daily life

Plastic seen in daily life -Kitchen-

Mr.Usukawa, what kinds of plastics do we see in the kitchen or plumbing?
We see polyethylene and polypropylene there.
Do you know why such plastics are used in the plumbing?

The reason is that plastic is hardly to leak water compared with other materials. Furthermore, a plastic is light, mold is hardly attached to plastic and it is easy to carry out cleaning and it is easy to color.

That's right! Then, do you know why polyethene and polypropene are used ?

No, I don't understand.

Me, neither.

Polyethylene and polypropylene do not necessarily have the remarkable character. But as a material which we use as daily necessaries, a price is cheap. And, it has sufficient heat resistance and hardness.


Did you yawn now?

No, I・・・didn't・・・.
Is there something that contains polyethene or polypropene?

What about containers for keeping food?

That's right. The lid is made from polyethene and the main part of the container is made from polypropene.

What are materials of the lid and the container different?

There are some reasons. Polyethene is flexible, and harder than polyethene. And it is translucent enough to see things inside.
As you know, both of them are thermally resistant, so you can use them in a microwave oven when heating food.
I didn't know they have such a property.

Plastics seen in daily life Part.2 - writing utensils -

Plastic is used also for writing utensils we usually use, you know, what kind of property dose it have?
Plastic such as polypropene, polystyrerene PS, etc is used for mechanical pencils and ball-point pens.

Since these kinds of plastic are cheap, light and rigid, they are excellent as materials when used to write repeatedly.

Plastic called polyvinyl chloride is used for the eraser, but could you tell us why ?

Sure. That’s because the polyvinyl chloride turned out to have high capacity to erase written letters and characters in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Those days plastic called polystyrene-system elastomer is used for the eraser to consider the environment. Is that right?

Yes, indeed! You know well.
Thanks. I'm indebted particularly to the eraser in my daily life.

The eraser ・・・

Plastics seen in daily life Part.3 - household electrical appliances -

Plastic is used for the outer casing of information appliances and equipment including household electric appliances or computers.
Is this because plastic is light?

Yes, but that’s not all.
Outer casing has to be strong enough against impacts in order to protect things inside, so the ABC resin is often used because of its high impact resistanle.

Isn't the plastic used for other purposes?

The plastic is used for structural materials , such as gears and bearings inside appliances.

Plastics seen in daily life Part.4 - food containers -

Now, let's learn about the property of plastics used for food containers.
It is a styrene foam, isn't it?

Another is a polyvinylidene, I think.

That's right! To begin with, let’s learn about styrene foam.

Isn't it used only for preserving food from decay.

I think so, too.
It’s not wrong, but do you know why styrene foam is good to preserve food from decay.

I don't know that to a sure.

Since it is also a kind of plastic you know, it is light, and can the deflection protect food from shock?

You're right!
It can protect food not only from shock but also from temperature and a humidity.

I guess, Styrene foam can be applied for other things.
Sae, you have doing good intuition.
Since a it is excellent in printing and process ability excellent in others, it is widely used for food containers, such as trays, lunch containers, and noodles cups.

It has a lot of possibilities, doesn't it?

That's right. Since styrene foam has good insulation, the food in a styrene foam container influence of external temperature changes. So, once it gets cold, it will be hard to get warm, and prevent germs from breeding.

What kind of property does the polyvinylidene have?

Packaging film needs high seal ability such property can prevent microbes and worlds from adhering to the food and odor from other food from being absorbed. Then, since the film is asked its the tackiness, the polyvinylidene is used. But, since chlorine gas can be emitted when disposed, it is worry about the influence on the environment. So, the polyethylene polyethene is utilized.
Mr.Tic, wake up.

I wonder when I fell asleep.

It's natural you get sleeping ,but hang in there!

Plastics seen in daily life Part.5 - PET bottle -

Almost all soft drinks are contained in the PET bottle, however why isn't it?
Because a PET bottle is light, and it can be hard to divide even if it drops isn't it?

It is because the rest is easy to recycle.

I forgot the thing important things.
The bag which packs the ware bought in the store is a plastics?

That's right. A recently has much opinion as I should control use from a wantage of garbage or a viewpoint of a recycling propulsion.

When going shopping, I am making me bring my back.

Plastic in our daily lives Part.6 - Various daily necessaries -

I learned that there was much plastics in our daily life.
Well. There are some which have been made also to the dress which we wear from the plastics.

The lens of the glasses which I have worn is also made of a plastics.

The toy idle when I was young is also made from the plastics.

The plastics is used also for the smart phone which we are using.

You may be pleasant when the plastics which is in daily life from now on is found.

Well. I would like to find more plastics.
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